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  • The Horizon Scan 2013 Survey Report -Published by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) in association with BSI featuring key findings from the survey of over 730 organizations from 62 countries worldwide.
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  • PAS 2050:2011 - Assessment of life cycle greenhouse gasemissions of goods and services
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  • PAS 2050-1:2012 - Assessment of life cycle greenhouse gas emissions from horticultural products
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  • PAS 2050-2:2012 - Assessment of life cycle greenhouse gas emissions from seafood and other aquatic products
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  • Institute of Directors Four Part Booklet Series - Guide to Achieving Excellence: How to fine-tune your business so it performs at its best.
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  • Institute of Directors Four Part Booklet Series - Guide to Achieving Sustainability: How your business can save money, energy and the environment. 
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  • Institute of Directors Four Part Booklet Series - Guide to Achieving Resilience: How to mitigate risk and protect your business. 
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  • Institute of Directors Four Part Booklet Series - Guide to Achieving International Growth
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About BSI

BSI Group is a global independent, private, non-profit distributing company which helps organisations improve their quality and performance, reduce their risk, manage their reputations, and help them be more sustainable through our full range of services which includes certification, assessment, third-party audits, standards writing, product testing and management system training. 

Founded in 1901, we have over 100 years of excellence in standards writing which resulted in the publication some of the most popular standards today including ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and the latest ISO 50001 Energy Management System.

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Why Choose BSI?

Selecting a partner for your audit, assessment, certification, training and product testing requirements is more than just what we can offer you. It’s about experience, intuition, know-how and reputation.

As one of the oldest standards writing and certification body; established since 1901 – we are a testament to our own services. Our knowledge in the areas writing standards enables us to offer improvement strategies on your existing management systems and provide training courses to increase your knowledge on implementing and maintaining your standards.

Being one of the most globally recognised certification bodies also means that we are able to leverage expertise from our many offices around the world. Our assessors have years of experience in handling audits, assessment and certification exercises with small, medium to large scale organisation in almost all known industries.

In the end, what we had achieve - it’s all for you. 



Our Services

We often hear the phrase “less is more”. Most often, that phrase holds true.

For us, we believe that the less parties that you have to deal with – the better it is for you. That is why we operate a worldwide ’one stop shop’ range of services, to provide you with a complete service partnership that covers everything from audit, assessment and certification to information guidance documents and training courses.

We provide you with such services, so you can concentrate on the one thing that matters most – successfully achieving your certification.

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Case Study

In serving a large base of partners and clients across the world, we often come across remarkable stories of success. As such, we created a compilation (updated frequently) for your reference. Feel free to look around our growing sets of case study in almost every industry, globally. 

But remember, you don''t have to be envious - success can be yours as well.

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