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ISO 50001 Energy Management SystemISO 50001 Energy Management

Effective energy management is crucial for the bottom line of any business. An Energy Management System (EnMS) can help you to achieve sizeable energy reduction and save on your energy spending by putting in place a framework for systematic management of energy.

Aside from helping you to achieve efficient energy usage, an energy management standard like ISO 50001 can also help to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions thus taking you one-step closer to being towards achieving your carbon emissions target. ISO 50001 represents the best in energy management practices.

Why you need to implement and certify ISO 50001?

  • Active costs reduction through a systematic and structured approach to identifying, measuring and managing your energy consumption.
  • Gain an insight on your current baseline energy usage and create an energy policy to optimize energy consumption
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve compliance with legislation
  • Enhance security of energy supply by understanding areas of the organization at greatest risk when energy is not optimized
  • Drive greater productivity by systematically identifying and prioritizing the most cost effective technical solutions and affecting behavioural change to reduce energy consumption.
  • Formalize energy policy and objectives by embedding energy efficient thinking in your organization.
  • Enhance reputation and improve brand image with an independent certification audit to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to cut energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions

Using the BSI Assurance Mark

ISO 50001 Energy Management SystemUse the BSI Assurance Mark and demonstrate excellence to your stakeholders. Upon receiving your certificate, you will also be given a general guide and a BSI Assurance Mark for you to use, creatively. There are many ways to use this mark. You can choose to put it in:

  • Corporate stationery
  • Business card
  • Marketing collateral, brochures and pull up banners
  • Corporate vehicle
  • Corporate website, micro-site and promotional sites
  • Building signage and building vinyl decal

If you are not sure how you can maximize the usage of your Assurance Mark, speak to us and we will help you figure it out.

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